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About Us

Stone Oak Pilates was originally Papillon Pilates and opened its doors in August 2012.  In our studio, we emphasize the use of Pilates in your every day life.

Anyone who wants to change his or her body, strength or overall health, can walk into Stone Oak Pilates, train, and walk out with a longer, leaner body, a new sense of focus and awareness, and a better quality of life.



Stone Oak Pilates Instructors are guaranteed to be certified through an accredited Pilates method. Currently, our full-time instructors are certified by Peak Pilates,  a classic Pilates method with a systematic training approach and by Stott Pilates.

Classical Pilates is rhythmic, fluid and focused—connecting one movement to the next to build greater strength, flexibility and endurance.



Group Classes: $30 Drop in

10 Class Pkg: $225 ($22.50/class)

Private Sessions per hour:

Single Session: $75

Group of 5 Sessions: $350

Duo (2 people): $80

Please contact us if you have questions (210) 802-6915

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