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Group Reformer Level 1-2:  Take your body to a new level! These 55 minutes small group training classes (max 7 attendees) are taught on our reformers and ensure personal attention and instruction. Classes will challenge your body by strengthening and lengthening, defining and re-shaping your muscles. Beware- addictions to Pilates form fast! 

Pilates Magic Circles, Jumpboards, etc. are often used in classes to add challenges and to reinforce proper exercise form.  This class is open to all levels.

Group Reformer Level 2-3:  Group Reformer Class Level 2 and 3 exercises. Participants have been attending reformer Pilates classes and have progressed from first and second level classes. Advanced Class.


Pilates Chair/Mat:  Considered by many as the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment, chair classes use a Pilates Chair to add intensity and to reinforce proper exercise form. These are strength building classes that will take your reformer and/or mat work one step further. Accept the challenge and enjoy the benefits! This class is open to all levels.


Cardio Jumpboard:  This class that will torch calories and burn fat without hurting your knees and back!! Exercises are done on the reformer with a Jumpboard added that can be compared to a little trampoline. This class is no joke- you will be amazed at what a great workout this is while still gentle on your joints.  Come in and try it out! If you are looking for a fun cardio workout with all the benefits of Pilates, you won't be disappointed! This class is open to all levels.

Tower/Mat:  The Pilates Tower offers an unparalleled workout that isolates the muscle groups that you want to sculpt and targets the deep abdominals while providing a stretch that you won't receive anywhere else. Unlike the group reformer classes, there is no set order for the Tower exercises which shortens the learning curve and allows students to advance quickly.  A Tower/Mat class is guaranteed to leave you feeling stronger, taller and lighter. 


Pilates for Parkinson's/Senior Pilates:   Classes focus on: Balance, Coordination, Flexibility (to address rigidity), Large Movements, Gait, Postural challenges and Spirit lifting through movement, socialization and building confidence.


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