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I opened the doors of Papillon Pilates in August 2012 after a corporate world career, two wonderful children, and an 11-year stint as a group fitness instructor. A passion for health and fitness has always been at the center of my being. I am an athlete at heart, having played both rugby and soccer. Though I enjoy all types of fitness, Pilates is by far the most comprehensive workout I have ever experienced because it develops the body uniformly, lengthening and strengthening muscles from your neck to your toes, grounded by a strong, powerful core (abs). I am inspired by Joseph Pilates, the so-called father of “Contrology”. It is the complete coordination between the body and mind. It develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, and elevates the spirit. It is my goal to teach my students how they can take this method from my studio and put it into use in their everyday lives. My hope is to not just be your trainer, but your friend and life-teacher, helping you use Pilates with everything you do from running a marathon to driving your car. Pilates has helped me transform my body and spirit – and I can’t wait to see it do the same for you. Call me, email me, or stop by the studio anytime you need additional guidance through your amazing journey of transformation.

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Jacquelin is a Comprehensively trained Peak Pilates Trainer. Originally from Mexico City, Jacquie's Super Power is that she can conduct an entire class in 2 languages! She actually has m0re Super Powers- you will have to meet her to find out. Jacquie is known for her precision and attention to detail while she is teaching her students. She is available to teach both group and Private sessions. 

Jacquelin habla espanol si esa es tu preferencia!


Originally from San Antonio, TX, Lily started dancing at age three. She studied all styles of dance which led her to Los Angeles in 1997 to pursue her dance career and has enjoyed working and traveling as a dancer and choreographer’s assistant. She first learned about Pilates in her modern dance classes as a fun and challenging way to strengthen her body and lengthen her career as a dancer. Lily continued to explore her passion for Pilates and received her Classical Pilates certification through Core Pilates NYC in 2007. Since then, she has taught in many Pilates studios in both Los Angeles and San Antonio and has worked with all types of people including athletes, celebrities and clients with various injuries. As a Pilates instructor, Lily is excited to share her passion and inspire others to reach their health/fitness goals through the Pilates Method.

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Lisa has been with Stone Oak Pilates since 2019. She is a Level 3 Peak Pilates Certified Instructor and has poured her heart into her training. Lisa is very caring and gentle and works with all levels of clientele. She is excellent at teaching Fundamentals and helping new and existing clients to understand the movement and how to get the most out of each exercise. Lisa teaches a Level 1 Reformer Pilates class on Monday evenings at 6:30 and is available to teach Private sessions that fit your schedule. 

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Diane is an Army Veteran who served on active duty for more than 10 years. Physical fitness has always played an important part in her life and even more so since Parkinsons. 

After being diagnosed with Dystonia and Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease at age 38, movement became an essential part of her daily life. In addition to swimming, Pilates classes became Diane’s routine for ten years. In 2018 she was inspired to become an instructor and began teaching Pilates for Parkinsons classes in 2019. She took the Pilates for Neurological Conditions course in 2019 to develop a better understanding of how Pilates can strengthen Parkinsons clients. This year Diane completed her Peak Pilates comprehensive training and Advanced Pilates for Neurological Conditions certification and is incorporating new techniques into Pilates for Parkinsons classes. During COVID-19 she taught weekly Pilates Zoom class for clients to help them continue to stay mobile until classes open back up.

Diane’s primary goal is to empower others in the community through the Pilates for Parkinsons classes, sharing the many benefits that exercise can provide. Movement is Medicine.


“I love watching a student make a connection and experience the AHA! moment that ultimately creates a positive change in their life.”

Diannah became a Pilates instructor in 2006 and opened up her own private studio in Lilburn, GA. Diannah’s clientele included exercise enthusiasts, professional athletes, but most of all, individuals who needed assistance recovering from injuries.  Diannah was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2019. She and her doctor both recognized the importance of keeping up her personal Pilates practice to assist her with balance, flexibility and coordination as Parkinson’s began changing her every day movement. Now that Diannah has relocated to San Antonio, she enjoys being an active part of her children’s lives - especially her grandson! In addition to being a certified Pilates Trainer,  Diannah holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is a certified breathwork facilitator.

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